Christmas at Tivoli

Tivoli Gardens, located in Copenhagen, is an amusement park and pleasure garden. It opened on August 15, 1843 and is the second-oldest operating amusement park in the world (Dyrehavsbakken, in nearby Klampenborg, Denmark is the oldest). Tivoli features a Christmas market at this time of the year, which is why I was excited to go!

Tivoli was named after the Jardin de Tivoli, a set of amusement parks that existed in Paris between 1795-1842. They were in turn named after a hillside Renaissance garden in Tivoli, Italy.

Tivoli’s founder, Georg Carstensen, persuaded King Christian VIII to grant him a five-year charter to open the grounds by telling him that “when the people are amusing themselves, they are not thinking about politics.” Here are some of the amusements!

Neil is definitely not thinking about politics, here.

Here’s a ride based on local boy Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytales.

I liked this ride that looks like it took its inspiration from vintage hot air balloons.

The Odin Express rumbling overhead.

The park’s wooden roller coaster, the Rutschebanen, was built in 1914 and is one of the world’s oldest wooden rollercoasters that is still in operation.

Let’s do a tour of the grounds!

There are lots of cute little cottages you can go and shop in.

I loved this tree with the heart ornaments in it.

There’s an area that is inspired by China.

I loved these weeping willows.

There was an area with these beautiful sun catchers, called “Little Sun Light Swarm” by Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson.

To keep things feeling hygge around Tivoli, they have little coal firepits all around the grounds to help you stay warm.

Neil was a fan.

So were these guys. They’re giving us the, “do we actually have to move? Or are you guys cool?”

They decided we were cool so they stayed underneath the pit while we warmed ourselves.

A very hygge-looking café.

This furry pink hat would have been very hygge.

Here are some other pea-hens that were wandering the grounds.

There was this guy, too, who I think shared our opinion on the cold.

I loved that they had beautiful hyacinths all over the place.

Also these Christmas roses.

And decorative cabbages, of course.

The snow isn’t real. Neil threw a “snowball” at me and it took forever to finally brush all the pieces of it off my jacket, because it doesn’t actually melt. But that’s okay, it makes everything look pretty!

There are lots of beautiful Christmas trees around the grounds. If you need help getting in the spirit, Tivoli is a great place to go!

Here is a cool area of the park with some vintage-style decor.

Some old-fashioned carnival games.

I thought Pauline would like this game with the painted chickens.

Here is where you can win a ridiculously oversized Toblerone bar.

It was rainy and cold the day that Neil and I went to Tivoli, and we were a little hung-over from our trip to the Carlsberg Brewery the previous day. So no rides for us! But we had fun walking around and checking out all the Christmas decorations and goodies.

I’ll take five pairs.

I loved these adorable Santas (tomten!) that just had their nose peeking out from their beard and hat.

Cocoa cups as the tea cup ride? Adorable!

My kind of chandelier.


How cute are these moose teddys?

I really liked this peacock coloured star.

Tivoli at night is just as beautiful as Tivoli during the day!

Tivoli is a lot of fun. You should definitely check it out! Maybe on a sunnier day with less rain, though.

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6 Replies to “Christmas at Tivoli”

  1. Gladys Grey says:

    The pics are great !!! It must have been so much fun to be there. Enjoy your time in Sweden over the holidays !

  2. Toni Hjalte says:

    Gorgeous pictures, and story of this amusement park. It sure did add to the Christmas spirit. Thank you. May you and Neil have a very Merry Christmas. 😋🎄⛄️ Love Aunt Toni & Uncle Ron

  3. Barb and Art says:

    What fabulous pics. So happy that you are making so many great memories together. Merry Christmas to you both! HUGS X2

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