Christmas in Copenhagen

After Berlin, Neil and I began our trek north through Copenhagen. We were on a quest to find “hygge”, the Danish word for coziness. I’ve included some pictures in this post of instances where I think I spotted it, as well as a couple of Christmas markets that we saw.

First, I thought it was super cute how restaurants used heaters, blankets, fire stands, candles, and decorative lights to make their patios warm and cozy. Seems hygge to me!

Lanterns on the table? Very hygge.

Christmas ornaments in a lantern? Maybe not hygge, but I still like it!

Some holiday decor seen around the city.

Festive street lights early in the afternoon. (1 pm).

Late in the afternoon. (3 pm).

And in the evening. (4 pm).

These tea light stands have silver ornaments that spin around because of the heat from the candle flames. Fun!

Some pictures from the Christmas market at Nyhavn Canal.

Time to buy all of the warm and cozy things.

Gløgg shack, baby gløgg shack… this is where we learned that gløgg is served with raisins and almonds. It’s a drink and a snack! Also, the sound you make when you drink it.

Lots of hot alcoholic beverage options.

Nutella fritters!

This lady’s fur coat is pretty awesome.

I like windows that are decorated with branches.

A Christmas market located in the downtown centre.

Don’t mind if I do.

Candy time!

Giant wedges of chocolate. Yum!

Hungarian tunnel rolls.

Fancy some cheese?

Time to start Christmas shopping.

In the market for a big, fur hat?

A soap shop featuring products from France. This reminded me of Marseille!

Here’s a bird’s-eye-view of the Christmas market.

Some berries and flowers I saw at an outdoor flower stand.

So many different colours of berries that you could use to make beautiful seasonal bouquets!

In the next post, we’ll go to Tivoli – a popular amusement park and market centre.

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