Munich roofline

Exploring the Streets of Munich

All right, now that we’ve covered the history, let’s have some fun! Here are some pictures I took around Munich of things I randomly enjoyed.

Two lovely colours – two great modes of transportation.

Beautiful door.

Cute little European car!

A handsome, if slightly territorial, swan.

Interesting statue.

Beautiful buildings with beautiful flowers. (Note the towers of the Frauenkirche in the background).

Let’s get a closer look at those flowers.

The Frauenkirche likes to sneak up on you.

I like the houses and businesses that decorate for Oktoberfest with pretzel garlands.

A gorgeous pink house.

I love comically long street names. It should actually be Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Straße – apparently the last three letters were too many to fit on the sign. (ß is a letter that represents 2 “s”s. So Strasse is also how it could be written).

I like roofs that feature these windows. I always think they look like eyes peeking out.


Follow the rainbow-brick road.

This building was stunning. I’ll have to go back and get a better picture of it now that we have a wide-angle lens.

Bikes are best when they have flowers on their handlebars.

Munich is a publishing capital. Here’s the building for the German branch of Scholastic.

I didn’t realize until just now that these flowers are all different colours of heather! That would explain why I’ve been seeing them all over Germany, Denmark, and Sweden. They are hardy enough for the cooler fall weather.

Beautiful details on this building.

Some of these brick buildings were to die for.

Delicious German pastries.

Ich bin ein Berliner!

The Jewish Museum.

People like to rub parts of various statues in Munich for luck.

For luck! They say. I’m skeptical.

This is the building that contains the high-end delicatessen, Dallmayr.

Iconic blue boxes.

There is a beautiful mural project in an underpass in Neuhausen. The artist, Martin Blumöhr, has painted scenes and stories from the area on the walls. It was completed last summer.

This is a depiction of Nymphenberg Palace.

A great way to brighten up an otherwise glum pedestrian tunnel.

The murals don’t shy away from the darker aspects of local history.

Munich is a fun city to explore. I’m hoping we get to go back sometime soon!

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