Steel Rigg

Neil and I had seen enough forts and heard enough about the Wall. Now we wanted to actually see it!

Steel Rigg is the name of a crag (steep rocky cliff) that has a stretch of Hadrian’s Wall atop it. It is located just three miles West of Housesteads Roman fort.

If you have the time (which we, unfortunately, did not) the walk East from Steel Rigg to the fort is supposed to be incredible (and a little strenuous). You’ll walk through Sycamore Gap (where you’ll find “the Robin Hood tree”), another highlight of the Wall.

Neil and I walked a short distance West instead, following the wall up Steel Rigg.

Below, Neil stands by the Wall which, here, is covered in turf.

Steel Rigg.

Getting closer…

Glimpses of the wall peeking out at the top of the cliff.

The walk up the hill was a little steep! Here’s a view down behind us. I’m not sure what that stone enclosure is, if it was even a part of the Wall or a later addition.

Just a little ways further…

At the top! At last!

Some stretches of the Wall on the top of the cliff.

Some local sheep for good measure.

If I find myself returning to the area in the future, I would definitely like to go on that walk from Steel Rigg to Housesteads (or vice versa).


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